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Which banks and lenders expose Krea to competition in company leasing?

Krea lets more than 30 banks and lenders compete for your business. The following lenders have the opportunity to give you proposals for company leasing:

We cooperate with, among others, Nordic Finance, Marginalen Bank, Grenke Leasing, Ikano Bank and Aros Kapital.

In addition to business leasing, your company can also receive proposals for business loans, real estate loans, invoice financing and/or business credit with the same application.

The following actors have the opportunity to give you suggestions for other financing solutions: Froda, Aros Kapital, Capcito, DBT, Euro Finans, Fedelta, FundingPartner, Kameo, Mynt, Qred, Bizcap, Akela, Terox Finans, SBL Finans, Treyd, Ikano Bank, A.B.S Global Factoring, Invoier, Alfa Finans, Billecta, CapIQ, Finansia, FINQR and Svea Bank, OPR, Capitalbox and Finly.

For larger financing solutions, Krea cooperates with all relevant banks, including most major banks, for example Nordea and SEB.