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Financing for the transportation industry

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The service is free of charge.How come?
Utmärkt 4.6 / 5
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Financing in the transportation industry

Financing in the transportation industry

Increasing costs

High competition while the industry simultaneously is facing a shortage of drivers result in shrinking margins for the businesses. Through Krea, our customers can avoid paying unnecessarily high financing costs for external capital.

Automation and new technology

Due to the technological development, the transportation sector is moving towards automated, smart, vehicles. Many of our customers in the transportation industry use Krea to easily access capital to finance a new investment.

Focus on sustainability

In line with the UN's sustainability goals, more regulations are expected to be introduced to promote a sustainable transport industry. This can increase demands for new energy-efficient technology, emission caps and sustainable fuels. These adjustments can be resource-intensive and can increase the need for external financing.

Tailored financing solutions for transportation businesses

Business loans up to 30 million SEK

  • We collaborate with multiple lenders

  • Free of charge and non-binding

  • All offers within 1 day

Invoice Discounting

  • Receive up to 99% of the invoice value

  • Free of charge and non-binding

  • All offers within 1 day

Financing up to 100 million SEK

  • Borrow up to 80% of property value

  • Flexible amortization

  • Offers within 2 days

Why Krea?

Biggest network

We compare offers from the most banks and lenders on the market. This ensures that you will find the best possible solution for your business.

Better terms

By using our platform you increase your chances of getting the best terms. We summarize all costs to make sure that you are fully aware of how much each alternative costs.

Flexible collateral

Many of our lenders allows you to pledge different assets e.g. vehicles or machinery.

We have helped many transportation companies

Bang Transport AB

We are a small haulage contractor offering transportation to restaurants and hotels and have had a sharp decline in orders due to the circumstances now with the pandemic. Via Krea, we received quick help and the loan was paid out within just a few days, which meant that we could continue with the business for a few more months and get through this situation.

Adrian Slowley

Manz Transport AB

Have had a decline in orders due to the pandemic, we run a taxi business and needed a business loan to improve liquidity for a short period. At Krea, we received a quick response after I submitted the application and a good interest rate. Good also with the possibility to repay the loan in advance, we hope to see an increase again in June which means that we could start repaying the loan then. Now we can continue our business until the summer where we also hope to see an increased demand as before the pandemic.

Zeeshan Naeem

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4.6 / 5
267 omdömen

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