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Why business leasing?

Many companies need to buy new equipment to grow their business. In some cases, you also want to use business leasing to free up capital by selling existing machines and lease them from a leasing company instead. Leasing for companies means that you don't have to take on as large an investment cost at the start, but can pay for use of the object on a monthly basis. Business leasing usually has a fixed monthly cost and fixed interest rate, which means that you can easily plan for the company's expenses.

Why Krea?

Krea's financing platform is specifically adapted for corporate financing and has Sweden's largest network of connected lenders for financing up to SEK 30 million. By comparing different leasing agreements, your company can choose the offer that suits your company, at the best possible monthly cost. Since Krea was founded, we have helped over 20,000 Swedish small and medium-sized companies gain access to business leasing and other financing solutions. An application is free and provides your company multiple leasing offers within 24 hours.

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Krea - When terms matter

Better terms

By using our platform you increase your chances of getting the best terms. We summarize all costs to make sure that you are fully aware of how much each alternative costs.

Time efficient

You do not need to apply to different leasing companies individually. We provide you with a quick overview of available financing solutions.

Advisory services

We help you to prepare the right documents for your request. Our financing experts support you in getting your request approved.

Leasing according to your needs

Business leasing extends over a range of different objects and can be adapted to the needs your company faces. Krea exposes several leasing companies to competition so that you get access to the best possible leasing agreement.

For example:

  • Excavator, tractor or tools

  • Lifting crane, skylift or scaffolding

For example:

  • Refrigerator, freezer or ventilation system

  • Work station, pizza oven or salad counter

For example:

  • Computers, printers or monitors

  • Desks, storage cabinets or office chairs

For example:

  • Steel shelves, wall fridge or reception counter

  • Glass stand, clothes stand or wall rails

For example:

  • Barbells, dumbbells or gym floor

  • Exercise machines, treadmills or cross trainers

For example:

  • Light/heavy truck, van or company car

  • Bus, horse transport or trailer

Why business leasing?

Advantages of business leasing:

  • Optimized liquidity for your company as both purchase price and VAT are spread out over the duration of the lease agreement.
  • The leasing period can be longer than the term of a business loan. It lowers your monthly cost and can be adjusted based on the object's economic life of up to 10 years (ie 120 months).
  • Preserves your credit limit for other financing options as leases are often not fully counted as existing debt.
  • Usually a fixed monthly cost with a fixed interest rate - this means you can plan your expenses better.
  • Shorter decision-making process as the business lessee knows the fixed monthly fee in advance and can budget accordingly.
  • Business leasing is booked as an operating expense and is therefore tax deductible.*

*A sole trader or small business that prepares simplified annual accounts must handle the expense as an operating cost, according to K1 and K2. If K3's accounting regulations are applied instead, the lessee must report the object and its obligations as an asset and liability in the balance sheet.

Technology that saves you time

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Easily build your financing profile. We collect a lot of information automatically from public data sources, so that you can get access to offers faster.

2We prepare your financing request

We ensure that your business is presented correctly for lenders. Only one UC credit check is made on your company and provided guarantors.

3Get personalized suggestions

You receive several offers for leasing from different leasing companies, but also offers for other relevant financing solutions. Our system recommends proposals that best suit your business needs.

4Quick access to the leasing object

When you have chosen a financing offer to proceed with, the leasing company contacts you to confirm that all information is in place, before the leasing company pays the supplier for your desired leasing object.

We have helped over 20 000 companies

4.7 / 5
186 reviews

Questions and answers

About business leasing

How does business leasing work?

Business leasing is a cost-effective financial solution that helps to meet your need for machinery or other equipment, without requiring a large investment. Our partners buy in and stand as formal owners of the leasing object, and give you access to the object for a fixed monthly fee where you pay for the use but not the ownership. The monthly fee is based on the value of the object as well as the desired length of the agreement and the interest rate terms. In addition to the monthly fee, you pay VAT monthly for the object instead of paying all VAT in advance.

Through Krea's network of leasing companies, we help you get the market's best terms for your leasing agreement.

What is the difference between business leasing and renting?

Leasing - also called "financial leasing"

The leasing company buys the object for you from the supplier. During the agreement period, you pay a fixed monthly cost and VAT to the leasing company. After the contract period, you can buy the object by paying the residual value to the leasing company. Financial leasing is suitable for objects that you would like to own completely after the end of the agreement.

Rent - also called "operational leasing"

The leasing company buys the object for you from the supplier. You pay a fixed monthly cost to the leasing company. The agreement differs above all at the end of the agreement period, when there is no residual value. It also means that the monthly cost is usually higher for operational leasing - as you have no residual value left to pay. Renting is suitable for equipment that often needs to be updated, such as IT equipment and other things where you do not wish to own the object after the end of the agreement.

Through Krea, you can tender contracts for both business leasing and rent. We compile all costs so you don't have to do the math yourself.