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Utmärkt 4.7 / 5
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Vårt betyg är 4.7 av 5 baserat på 329 omdömen på Trustpilot.
Everything went smoothly and well, no hassle at all, unlike the usual complications.
Andreas Eriksson
Strongly recommend! Ella helped me all the way. Great service
Sabrina Touma
The processing was quick, and it was easy to get in touch with advisors who provided excellent guidance.
Mike - Båstads Camping
Everything from advice on application design to improved conditions by linking accounting! From application to disbursement took 5 days, of which I waited about 1.5 days before choosing an offer.
Renee Nilsson
Very pleasant, easy to talk to, and quickly understood the situation very well
Hikmet Salihu
I received incredibly good, concrete assistance from Krea and Linus Retsloff, who demonstrated various possibilities for the company to borrow and how Krea currently collaborates with several key players, including EU loans.
Fredrika Berghult
Fast and excellent service! Good feedback, both via email and from customer service. Better than many similar companies! Highly recommended.
Hans Forsslund
Easy-to-navigate site, with many good suggestions and friendly customer service. Good feedback
Andreas Kullinger
Thanks for an engaged and well-handled process in my search for the most suitable financing for my company.
B-O Torpestad
Professional treatment. Good follow-up. Can definitely recommend Krea
Andrea Larsdotter
Great service Knowledgeable staff Assisted us in the best way
Thomas Gustafsson

See the monthly cost in our calculator

To help your company calculate your budget and cash flow for the next company car, or to compare different leasing offers, we have created this simple business leasing calculator. Our calculator is based on assumptions for both interest and amortization rates. You can customize these according to your needs. As an independent financing service, we help our customers find the leasing agreement that offers them the best possible terms

Avoid large investments and pay per month instead

Business leasing is a cost-effective solution for growing companies that need to increase the number of cars and machines, without requiring large investments.

Leasing is a good option to improve liquidity and can also result in tax benefits.

Through leasing, you get access to a company car for a fixed monthly fee. The owner is the leasing company. The leasing company is usually responsible for insurance and maintenance, which also means reduced administration costs.

When you start a new lease, the leasing company pays the supplier. You then pay monthly to the leasing company.

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Advantages of business leasing


Minimal strain on your company's ability to take out loans.


Usually fixed monthly cost and fixed interest rates.


It is possible to lease a company car without an initial down payment.


The leasing period can be longer than the term of a loan. Up to 10 years.


For company cars (which are used at least 100 kilometer per year), you can deduct 50% of the VAT from the leasing fee.

Does leasing, renting or borrowing have the lowest cost?

There are many leasing companies and banks on the market. Unfortunately, many are not independent and try to sell on their financing solution.

But, why do you need to choose?

Instead of choosing right now, through Krea you can put several banks and leasing companies to competition with one application. You get several offers for leasing, renting and business loans with one application and can easily compare the total cost of owning the car for your company.

How you get better business leasing terms with Krea

Up to 30 banks and leasing companies are exposed to competition

Selection of our banks and lenders.

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Vi konkurrensutsätter flest banker och långivare på marknaden.

Terms guarantee


You always get the same or better terms with Krea as with the leasing company.


How we save time for you

Krea does the work for you throughout the entire process

You get a personal advisor

When you start an application, you will be assigned an advisor dedicated to your business. The adviser's task is to ensure that you get the best terms possible.

Krea optimizes your application

We recommend how to improve your application. Based on 20,000 previous customers, we know how to get the best terms.

Part of Krea's team of advisors

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Company leasing in three steps

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Upload a quote or link to the object/equipment

Create the application yourself or book an appointment with one of our advisors free of charge.

How long does an application take to make?
We optimize your application
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We optimize your application

We ensure that your company is presented in the best possible way. Only 1 credit report is taken.

We help you choose the best proposal
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We help you choose the best proposal

Sign the agreement, the leasing company pays for the object and you receive the object from the supplier. Usually within 1-10 days.

Is it worth to lease a car or machine for my business?

If you own a small sole proprietorship or limited liability company, you can buy a car in several different ways.

Leasing a car can be done privately or through the company. If the company leases the car, you can deduct 50% of the VAT, in some cases even 100%. However, you may be hit with higher benefit taxation. It is therefore important to consider the total cost of ownership.

In addition to leasing, there are also other forms of ownership, such as installments and loans. In the following list, we go through the most common ways in which you, as an entrepreneur, can buy cars or company cars for the company.


Lease privately or through the company

If you lease through the company, you can deduct 50% of the VAT

If you lease privately, you avoid benefit taxation

Broadly speaking, it is a trade-off between the VAT you can save by leasing in the company against the need to pay benefit tax.

  • The VAT deduction means that 50% of the VAT can be included as input VAT. Which means at a monthly cost of SEK 5,000, you can reduce your VAT by SEK 500 per month. However, there are also cars where you can deduct the entire VAT, in which case you can reduce the VAT by SEK 1,000. You can also deduct VAT for maintenance and if you need to refuel the car.
  • However, you would need to pay benefit tax for the car. For a similar car that costs approximately SEK 400,000, the beneficial value would be approximately SEK 4,000 a month. Which leads to extra tax of SEK 1,200.

Leasing vs Installment

Leasing means that the company does not own the car and therefore does not need to include it in the balance sheet

Buying a car with installments is more like a regular business loan

Choosing between leasing and installments is more a matter of what you as an entrepreneur prefer. Do you want to own the car at the company or do you prefer that the leasing company is still the owner and thus usually also takes care of maintenance to a greater extent.

Business leasing vs car loan

Leasing means that you can have a lower monthly cost due to the residual value of the car

Borrowing for a car purchase, on the other hand, gives you more flexibility to use the car exactly how you want

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