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Cookie Policy

Skriven av: Carsten Leth

Senaste uppdatering: 17 april 2024

This document describes how we use cookies and similar technologies on our website to improve our services and your experience. Our privacy policy contains more information about how Krea Technology processes your personal data.

1. What are cookies?

When you visit our website, a small text file is sent to your browser. The saved text file can also be called a Cookie and helps us to remember information about your visit.

Cookies may be set by us when visiting our domain (called “first-party cookies”) or by a third party, such as those who provide analytics or advertising services to us or for interactive content on the website (“third-party cookies”), such as our chat function.

2. The purposes of using cookies

There are predominantly 3 purposes for us to use Cookies:

  • Functional - these cookies are essential for the proper functioning of our website. It is therefore not possible to use our service without these cookies being saved. For example, our chat function uses cookies that we require to be activated.
  • Marketing - these cookies enable us and selected collaboration partners to better understand the outcome of our advertising efforts. We and our partners use these insights to provide you with more personalized offers.
  • Analytics - these cookies enable us to better understand if you are experiencing any issues when using our product and how to improve your experience.

Overall, we use cookies to make our website more user-friendly and direct our advertising to relevant recipients.

3. List of functional cookies

Message Bird

This cookie enables our chat function to work. Through our chat you can get in touch with our customer support team whenever you have a question about your application.

Krea (Django Language)

This cookie saves your language preferences and ensures that you understand the information that is presented to you.

4. List of marketing cookies

LinkedIn (Insight)

These cookies help us determine which users our ads on LinkedIn are displayed to in order to improve our marketing efforts.

Facebook (Meta Pixel)

These cookies enable us to use advertising features on Facebook such as audiences, conversions, targeting and optimisation.

Google (Ads, Doubleclick, Analytics)

These cookies enable us to improve our advertising and use more features on Google Ads, Analytics and for display advertising through Google.

Microsoft (Universal Event Tracking)

These cookies enable us to use Microsoft’s advertising features such as conversion tracking, audience targeting, and automated bidding bid strategies.


These cookies enable us to understand how you used our website after seeing our advertisement on Reddit.


This cookie enables us to understand how you used our website after seeing our advertisement on different Display networks.

5. List of analytics cookies

Clarity Microsoft

These cookies enable us to use Microsoft Clarity analytics data that helps us to understand how we can improve our service.

Google (Analytics)

These cookies help collect data that allows us to understand how our users interact with our service. These insights allow us both to improve content and to build better features that improve your user experience.


This cookie is used by Hotjar to save information about what device you are using and keeps track of how you use our website. Hotjar is a service that helps us understand better whether you experienced any issues when using our website.

6. Storage

You can see which cookies your computer currently stores. These are normally saved in your browser. A more detailed description can usually be found on your browser's help page.

7. How do I choose which cookies to save?

Your browser includes controls that allow you to manage the use of cookies by the sites that you visit. Most browsers have features that enable you to see and delete cookies stored on your device and to block cookies from all or selected sites. For more information, here are links to external help materials from some of the popular browsers:

In addition, you can update your settings regarding what cookies are saved when you visit Krea’s website on our Cookie settings page.