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Cookie Policy


1. Use of cookies

Krea Technology uses cookies and similar technologies on our website to improve our services and your experience. This policy explains the types of cookies Krea Technology uses and how you can control your own choices. A cookie can in some cases constitute personal data. Our privacy policy contains more information about how Krea Technology processes your personal data.

2. What are cookies?

When you visit Krea Technology's website, a small text file is saved on your computer or mobile device. The saved text file is called a Cookie.

The following cookies are used when you visit our website:

Session cookies — a cookie that is stored temporarily and disappears when you close your browser.

Persistent cookies — a permanent cookie that is stored as a file on your device for a certain period of time.

First-party cookies — these cookies are placed on your device by Krea Technology when you enter the website by entering it as a text in the browser or by clicking on a link.

Third-party cookies — used by Krea Technology to collect statistics and to be able to follow how visitors navigate the website.

3. The purposes of using cookies

By using cookies, Krea Technology's services can function as intended, it facilitates the use of our service and gives us a better understanding of how our website is used. This means that the services we have developed work as intended and that we can improve and develop the services we offer, make our website more user-friendly and direct our advertising to relevant recipients.

Cookies are also used so that our web server can recognize you and automatically retrieve information you registered during a previous visit.

Whether it is Krea Technology or a third party that places cookies, only anonymized information can be accessed through the cookies we use or allow.

Third Party Cookies — Krea Technology also uses a number of selected and approved third parties who, on our behalf, place cookies on our website for the purposes of marketing, tracking our campaigns and to measure the performance of our partner's advertising in order for us to fulfill agreements to pay partners for customer acquisition. Third parties may only collect anonymous data via cookies or other tracking methods for the purpose of reporting and following up on other channels

4. Storage

You can see which cookies your computer currently stores. These are normally saved in a separate directory on your computer's hard drive where you can see what is currently being stored. A session cookie is only saved as long as you have your browser open, this means that you cannot always find them stored on your hard drive. To clear your storage of cookies, you can easily do it through your browser or directly from your hard drive. A more detailed description can usually be found on your browser's help page.

5. How do I choose which cookies to save?

Your browser or device usually allows you to change the settings for the use and scope of cookies, as well as for the cookies that are currently stored. Please see your browser or device reference information to understand how to adjust your settings. For example, you should be able to choose to block all cookies, or sometimes only accept first-party cookies or delete cookies when you close your browser. Please note that some of the services we offer may not function properly if you block or delete cookies.

6. Contact information

If you have questions regarding cookies used on the website, data protection or how we process your data, you can contact or to read more about cookies at

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