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Kredita launches in Finland - will give SMEs better access to the right loan financing

Skriven av: Carsten Leth

Senaste uppdatering: 10 juni 2024

Having successfully helped 20 000 small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Sweden, Kredita now expands its free services to neighbouring Finland. With a strong commitment to close the large financing gap for SMEs, the Kredita platform enables Finnish entrepreneurs access to market-leading banks and lenders at the best possible terms. Kredita will be the only financing service in Finland that offers access to Business loans, Commercial real estate loans and Factoring with a single application.

Challenging funding conditions for Finnish SMEs

As incumbent banks have continuously reduced their risk appetite, it has become harder for Finnish SMEs to meet the minimum requirement for loan financing. The challenge has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and soaring inflation.

Built on valuable experience from Sweden

Since 2018, Kredita has redefined the Swedish SME funding market under the brand name Krea. The platform, built on a foundation of machine learning, gives entrepreneurs seamless access to different financing options. Having earned the trust of entrepreneurs in Sweden, Krea has already helped more than 20 000 Swedish SMEs get access to the right external financing. As a result, the platform has obtained a 4.7/5 rating on Trustpilot from its users.

Specialised in financing for companies

With an offering similar to Swedish Krea, Kredita is focused solely on financing for companies and has built its platform and organisation specifically for that purpose.

According to Carsten Leth, CCO at Krea, it is a clear benefit for Kredita to be focused solely on business financing:

The fact that we are specialised in financing for businesses enables us to offer a customised service. Entrepreneurs will experience that the Kredita platform makes it easy to create a thorough loan application for their company which in turn ensures that they are presented with the best offers to choose from.

Carsten Leth, CCO at Krea

Kredita’s technology supports entrepreneurs as they create a loan application by collecting data about the company automatically from a range of sources. With broader and more comprehensive data, lenders can make a more accurate risk assessment of the company which often leads to higher approval rates and better terms. Upon its launch, Kredita will be the only platform with a combined offering for business loans, factoring and commercial real estate loans.

Having helped many companies in Sweden already, we see Finland as the natural next step for us. We have learned a lot about how to support SMEs during different market conditions such as the recent pandemic and current price inflation. We believe Finnish SMEs deserve better access to the financing they need to overcome future challenges.

Carsten Leth, CCO at Krea

Driving efficiency through technology

After an application is created, Kredita immediately starts collecting offers from different banks and other lenders. Financing offers are presented to the entrepreneur within 24 hours, who then evaluates and selects the option with the most attractive terms. Kredita’s product offering is further supported by independent advice from Kredita’s customer service team who is available to support through the entire process.

Kredita is a fully independent service and free to use for entrepreneurs. The company is privately owned and led by a management team with extensive experience in finance and technology. Besides its management team, Kredita is backed by a small group of fintech investors.

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