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About Krea

Financing service for small businesses

Krea Technology AB ("Krea") helps small and medium-sized companies to get easy access to the best possible financing conditions for their company.

We do this by letting up to 30 banks and other lenders compete in our platform.

We distinguish ourselves by collaborating with the most lenders on the market. Krea also offers all financing products, including business loans, business credit, real estate loans, factoring and leasing. Finally, we are the only business financing service that supports businesses by making business and liquidity plans for companies with a larger and more complex financing need.

We have so far helped over 20,000 companies and have offices in Stockholm and Helsinki.


Krea was founded in 2018 - today we have offices in Stockholm and Helsinki


2018: Krea was founded


2019: Focus on business loans up to SEK 3 million


2020: Factoring as a new product, launch of our Consulting offer


2021: Real estate loans as a new product, launch of our Partner offer


2022: Business credit as a new product, launch of operations in Finland


2023: Leasing as a new product, launch of digital advice for all customers

Small businesses trust us

We have made dreams possible and helped with challenges
Will Brand
Will Brand AB

Will Brand AB

  • Trade
  • Turnover: 5-10m
  • Loan: 0.5m

We are growing faster than we expected and our webshop for companies needed a boost at the same time as we needed to prepay the production of two large autumn projects.

At Krea, it works surprisingly quickly and you get nice and good treatment from their service staff. The process was much smoother compared to the old fashioned "banking world".

Pierre Gasslander, CEO

The Italian Cousins - Fotograf Mattias Hamren-5

The Italian Cousins

  • Restaurant
  • Turnover: 15-20m
  • Loan: 2-3m

We are starting a major expansion where we will open two new restaurants. Krea's advisors helped us find the right financing, while we could focus on the expansion. It was time-efficient and by Krea exposing different banks to competition, we also secured good terms for the new financing.

Enrico Artoni, Founder

Saltö Marin finansiering
Saltö Marin AB

Saltö Marin AB

  • Real estate loan
  • Turnover: 10-15m
  • Loan: 5-10m

I think it was a good way to compare different conditions, especially now that the big banks are not as interested. The process via Krea is significantly faster and saves time compared to going directly to the bank.

Mats Lindqvist, CEO

Why we exist

It has historically been difficult for SMEs to get financing

Small and medium-sized companies account for as many as four out of five new jobs in Sweden and thus form the basis for the country's economic development and welfare. Unfortunately, over 50% of entrepreneurs find it difficult to get external financing to enable new investments and grow their business.

We make it easier to find the right financing

One factor that makes it difficult to find financing is that entrepreneurs do not know which banks or other lenders can offer the best terms for their particular business. We want to change that by enabling entrepreneurs to easily gain access to up to 30 banks and other lenders through a digital and time-efficient process. In this way, we ensure that more companies can realize their visions and contribute to the creation of more jobs.

The Team

Management Team

Martin Branzell

Head of Partners

Dapresy AB
B.B.A City University of New York
Zicklin School of Business

Carsten Leth


Maersk Line Strategy
PwC Corporate Finance
M.Sc. Copenhagen Business School

Kim Sundgren

Head of Advisory

GCC Capital AB
Bank Norwegian

Fredrik Lundahl


McKinsey & Company
Advisa (CEO & Board member)
M.Sc. The University of Edinburgh

Marco Studer


Oliver Wyman
M.Sc. Stockholm School of Economics

Kristian Lindin


Chorus AB

Our culture is characterized by

Our culture is characterized by


We believe that the group is significantly smarter than any single individual, regardless of age, race, gender or position. To ensure that the best ideas and solutions win, we therefore expect all team members to express their opinion, especially when you feel differently.


We believe that the most talented employees thrive best in an environment with a high level of independence and responsibility. In return, we expect each team member to take a leadership role by proactively and continuously proposing and implementing new and progressive ideas that help achieve the vision that all businesses should have easy access to the best possible financing.


We believe that trust is a cornerstone of all effective relationships and that transparency, in turn, is a prerequisite for establishing trust. We therefore attach great importance to ensuring that our customers, partners, employees and potential new employees always feel that they have all the information they need to be able to make decisions.

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Krea Technology AB is registered with the Financial Supervisory Authority as a financial services company providing other type of financial services.

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