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Kredita launches in Finland - will give SMEs better access to the right loan financing

Having successfully helped 20 000 small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Sweden, Kredita now expands its free services to neighbouring Finland. Read more at

Krea reaches 1 billion SEK of brokered financing as more companies realise the benefits of digital credit procurement

Krea has reached a milestone in brokered finance volume - their growth rate is increasing as the brokered volume has more than doubled compared to 2021. Read more on

Applying for too large amounts can harm small businesses - Now they can estimate their credit limit through Krea's AI service

The biggest factor for why loan applications of small businesses are not getting approved is that they apply for too small or too large loan amounts. That's why Krea has now further developed its loan indicator that helps companies apply with a reasonable amount based on artificial intelligence (AI).