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Why business loan?

Many companies require external financing to invest in new projects and to grow. A business loan can be a good alterantive for that purpose. There are many different type of loans for businesses and terms vary heavily. If you are looking for a business loan for your business it is therefore often wise to compare across different providers. With Krea you can compare various business loan offers to ensure that you receive the best possible terms.

Why Krea?

Krea’s digital comparison platform makes it easy for SMEs to find business loans to the best possible terms. We have supported more than 20 000 Swedish companies to find a business loan by providing a market comparison of 30 lenders. The service is digital and enables companies to find, compare and close financing up to 30 million Swedish crowns without hassle.

  • Multiple offers with only one credit check
  • Specialist in business loans
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4.7 / 5
183 reviews

Why Krea

Biggest network

We compare offers from the most banks and lenders on the market. This ensures that you will find the best possible solution for your business.

Fast but professional

You do not need to apply at 30 banks individually. We provide you with a quick overview of available financing solutions.

Better terms

By using our platform you increase your chances of getting the best terms. We summarize all costs to make sure that you are fully aware of how much each alternative costs.

About business loan

What is a business loan?

A business loan is an external investment in your business. The loan size depends on your company's preconditions and the lender's offering. Some lenders only specialize in smaller businesses, while others focus more on larger customers. Comparing business loans are often a good choice, independent of whether you run a small or a large business.

Why do businesses borrow money?

There are various reasons why businesses might need to take a business loan. The funds can be used freely, for example for a purchase or to finance an expansion of the business. The costs of a business loan vary quite a lot and the best way to get an overview is by making an application on Krea. Your application is non-binding and we will not share your contact details with lenders before you choose a relevant offer.

How much can I borrow for my business?

You can estimate your company's credit limit before you make an application through our AI service. Our analysis shows that applying for a too large loan amount can be negative for your business. If your credit limit is 2 million SEK it is advisable to apply for that amount instead of 3 million SEK.

Technology that saves you time

1Simple application

Easily build your financing profile. We collect a lot of information automatically from public data sources, so that you can get access to offers faster.

2We prepare your financing request

We ensure that your business is presented correctly for lenders. Only one credit check is made on your company and provided guarantors.

3Intelligent matches

You get offers from different banks and lenders. Our system recommends the most relevant offers for your financing needs and business.

4Get paid without the hassle

You can complete additional data requests and sign the agreement within minutes. Most of the time your company receives the funds within 2-5 days.

Examples of our business loan customers


Due to the corona crisis, the demand has fallen while existing orders have been canceled. The business loan helps me pay rent and operating costs until, hopefully, larger crowds starts to be allowed.

Have previously applied for a business loan with our house bank. But the service is too poor and it takes 10 days just to get an answer to an email. At Krea, it was quick and easy to apply for a business loan, and I received an immediate reply.

Magnus Strandell, Founder

Karisma Rekrytering

We had the opportunity to make an investment that would further strengthen our position on the market in terms of recruitment services. We experienced Krea as a new type of- and noticeably more service-oriented broker of business loans than we have previously met.

Nice and professional service with reasonable interest rates without "unnecessary hassle".

Kurt Ståhl, CEO

N-O Däck och Bilreparationer

We needed to improve the liquidity in the company for a shorter period. We contacted Krea and immediately began to receive offers for business loans.

We are very pleased with the help we received. Quick, smooth and easy seem to be the keywords.

Thank you Krea for fast service and friendly treatment - highly recommended!

Nils-Olov Johansson, CEO

We have helped over 20 000 companies

4.7 / 5
183 reviews

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