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Utmärkt 4.7 / 5
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What is invoice finance and what types exist?

It is common for companies to tie up a lot of capital in the company, as result of the time lag between when a company's customers pay compared to when the company has to purchase goods.

Invoice finance is a good option to improve liquidity and reduce administrative burden in the company. Invoice finance means that a company sells or pledges its invoices to a invoice financing company, which pays for the invoices directly. Invoice finance frees up capital in the company, which gives more room for investments and new projects.

A invoice financing company pays you most of the invoiced amount immediately and then collects the payment directly from your customers. They also handle administration and any reminders.

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Invoice finance

The day after your invoicing, you will receive 80-100% of the invoices value in your account

Your limit is continuously adjusted. You get a larger limit if sales increase

Invoice discounting

You sell single invoices or several invoices continuously and get paid the entire invoice value minus commission

You always use the credit to 100%, which can lead to higher costs

4 questions to decide if invoice financing is right for your business

4 questions to decide if invoice financing is right for your business

Are your sales within B2B?

Invoice financing is most advantageous for B2B invoices. However, there are also invoice financing companies that accept invoices for private individuals.

Does your company have at least SEK 1 million in turnover?

Invoices will be sent by the factoring company. It takes some time to setup the integration and therefore several invoice financing companies have a minimum turnover requirement.

How much capital do you need to borrow?

If you need to borrow for a purchase or generally a larger sum, a business loan or business leasing might be more relevant.

What credit terms do you have?

Ideal are payment terms of 30-90 days. The factoring company will assess the creditworthiness of the invoice recipients to determine which invoices can be sold.

How you get better terms on factoring with Krea

Up to 30 banks compete for your business

Selection of our banks and lenders

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We expose the most banks and lenders to competition on the market.

Invoice financing with best terms guarantee


You always get the same or better terms with Krea as with the invoice financing company.


How we save time for you

Krea does the work for you throughout the entire process

You get a personal advisor

When you start an application, you will be assigned an advisor dedicated to your business. The adviser's task is to ensure that you get the best terms possible.

Krea optimizes your application

We recommend how to improve your application. Based on 20,000 previous customers, we know how to get the best terms.

Part of Krea's team of advisors

Ella Almstedt - Foretagsradgivare

Ella Almstedt

Kim Sundgren - Foretagsradgivare

Kim Sundgren

Head of Advisory

Get an initial assessment of available financing solutions

See your company’s credit limit. You get an answer immediately, without a credit check.

There are not only advantages to invoice financing

Since invoce financing is a fairly new way of financing the company, it can feel like a big advantage - a solution to poor cash flow and a lot of administration. But a growing percentage of companies have had negative experiences.

  • High costs - especially if you pay more than 3-4%
  • Locking in expensive contracts - a regular contract has no binding period!
  • Clumsy handling of the customer relationship

It is therefore important to carefully consider the pros and cons before signing an agreement.



You get paid immediately when you send a new invoice and don't have to wait 30-90 days

Du kan försäkra risken att kunden inte betalar (notera dock att du även kan göra det utan factoring)

You can insure the risk that the customer does not pay (note, however, that you can also do it without factoring)

Grows with your business - if you sell more, you get more space


It costs and you lose 1-2% of the turnover

Usually more expensive compared to loan financing

Many invoice financing companies have a minimum turnover requirement and therefore it is usually not suitable for start-up companies

You lose control over the management of accounts receivable, which can make it more difficult to maintain good customer relationships

Do customers feel negatively about invoice financing?

Invoice financing is sometimes a negatively charged word. Many business owners think that customers think that their own business is going badly if they need to sell invoices.

Over time, however, costs for invoice financing have become more and more like a regular loan, and more and more entrepreneurs see it as a smart solution for temporary liquidity. What determines the most for the customer is probably which factoring company is chosen, as customer treatment can differ quite strongly. It is therefore more important than with a loan to check different options and review customer reviews.

How much does invoice financing cost? | Calculate the monthly cost for your business

Use our invoice financing calculator to see if it is beneficial for your business to sell invoices.

Invoice financing in three steps

Upload your invoices or ledgers
Foretagslan - Process - Step 1

Upload your invoices or ledgers

Create the application yourself or book an appointment with one of our advisors free of charge.

How long does an application take to create?
We optimize your application
Foretagslan - Process - Step 2

We optimize your application

We ensure that your company is presented in the best possible way. Only 1 credit report is taken.

We help you choose the best offer
Invoice financing- Process - Step 5

We help you choose the best offer

Sign the agreement and get the money paid out. Usually within 1-10 days.

Since 2018, we have helped more than 20 000 companies find better terms and take their business to the next level. Read more about Krea.

SEK 1.7 billion

mediated volume to Swedish companies

We have helped over 20 000 businesses

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Everything went smoothly and well, no hassle at all, unlike the usual complications.
Andreas Eriksson
Strongly recommend! Ella helped me all the way. Great service
Sabrina Touma
The processing was quick, and it was easy to get in touch with advisors who provided excellent guidance.
Mike - Båstads Camping
Everything from advice on application design to improved conditions by linking accounting! From application to disbursement took 5 days, of which I waited about 1.5 days before choosing an offer.
Renee Nilsson
Very pleasant, easy to talk to, and quickly understood the situation very well
Hikmet Salihu
I received incredibly good, concrete assistance from Krea and Linus Retsloff, who demonstrated various possibilities for the company to borrow and how Krea currently collaborates with several key players, including EU loans.
Fredrika Berghult
Fast and excellent service! Good feedback, both via email and from customer service. Better than many similar companies! Highly recommended.
Hans Forsslund
Easy-to-navigate site, with many good suggestions and friendly customer service. Good feedback
Andreas Kullinger
Thanks for an engaged and well-handled process in my search for the most suitable financing for my company.
B-O Torpestad
Professional treatment. Good follow-up. Can definitely recommend Krea
Andrea Larsdotter
Great service Knowledgeable staff Assisted us in the best way
Thomas Gustafsson

Small business owners trust us

We have made dreams possible and helped with challenges
Will Brand
Will Brand AB

Will Brand AB

  • Trade
  • Revenue: 5-10m
  • Loan: 0.5m

We are growing faster than expected, and our business webshop ( needed an uplift, while we also needed to prepay the production for two significant fall projects.

At Krea, it surprisingly works quickly, and you receive a pleasant and good treatment from their service personnel. The process was significantly smoother compared to the old-fashioned 'banking world'."

Pierre Gasslander, CEO

The Italian Cousins - Fotograf Mattias Hamren-5

The Italian Cousins

  • Restaurant
  • Revenue: 15-20m
  • Loan: 2-3m

We are embarking on a major expansion, opening two new restaurants. Krea's advisors helped us find the right financing, allowing us to focus on the expansion. It was time-efficient, and by having Krea compete with different banks, we also ensured favorable terms for the new financing.

Enrico Artoni, Founder

Saltö Marin finansiering
Saltö Marin AB

Saltö Marin AB

  • Real estate
  • Revenue: 10-15m
  • Loan: 5-10m

I found it to be a good way to compare different terms, especially now when major banks are not as interested. The process through Krea is significantly faster and saves time compared to going directly to the bank.

Mats Lindqvist, CEO

Kim - Portrait (Green)

Do you want to get an estimate of how much you can borrow first?

You can see your company's credit capacity through our loan indicator.
You will receive an answer immediately, without credit check.

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