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What property types can you finance? ​

A real estate loan can be used for the vast majority of property types:

Loans for premises and warehouses: Do you need part of a property for your main business? It can be a premises to open a shop or restaurant; purchase of business and office premises to be able to open an office; or a warehouse as part of its distribution chain.

Loans for rental apartments: Many developers take out short-term real estate loans while building new rental properties. These are refinanced into a down payment when construction is complete.

Loans for industrial property: Many industrial companies own, rather than rent, the property in which they conduct their business. This has the advantage that you get a better return on possible renovations and costs can be lower in the long run than renting a non-adapted property.

Loans for forestry and agricultural property: A business loan for the purchase of land or a farm property is also called a property loan. As these investments have a permanent value, they can also be used as collateral in the loan. The majority of the value can be mortgaged (up to 80% of the property's value with some banks).

And also other properties such as:

  • Loans for commercial properties
  • Loans for condominiums
  • Loans for workshops
  • Loans for land acquisition