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What types of invoices can I sell through invoice financing?

In order to sign a new invoice financing agreement with Krea, you first need to be the actual principal of the applicant company. A beneficial owner has a leading role and can be a signatory within the company, such as e.g. CEO or board member. The applicant company must also be registered and active in Sweden.

In addition to this, there are some minimum requirements for invoices that you want to sell:

  • Recurring sales - By selling invoices on an ongoing basis, you can get better terms. Therefore, we require that you sell more than one invoice in order to be able to factor with us.
  • Maximum 90 due days - For longer-term financing, we recommend business loans instead of factoring, as business loans then often have better terms.
  • The invoice recipient is creditworthy - By applying to several different factoring companies at the same time, you can get an idea of how much of your sales you have the opportunity to finance through invoice financing.
  • The invoice must not be paid, due or older than 10 days.