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How should I choose the right invoice financing proposal?

When you choose between different proposals for invoice purchases, there are both qualitative criteria and conditions that you need to decide on.

Qualitative criteria:

  • Handling of reminders and debt collection - How does the factoring company handle the contact with your customers? This is especially important for non-paying customers.
  • Integration with accounting software - How easy will it be for you to book the invoice purchase? Most factoring companies we work with offer integrations with e.g. Fortnight.
  • Credit report - Do you have the opportunity to take a credit report on your end customers?


  • Commission - How much of the invoice's total value do you get paid? This can differ from anything between 97% to 99.5% of the invoice value.
  • Invoice handling fee - If you have several smaller invoices, this can add up to a large amount. With us, you can therefore compare the total cost of all proposals you receive for invoice purchases.
  • With or without recourse - If you sell without recourse, the factoring company takes over more risk, which usually leads to a somewhat higher cost as well.